We collect high quality material which meets the required parameters such as moisture & GCV (gross calorific value). Our unique software ensures correct date and time in the crop pattern are considered.

Four kinds of waste: agro waste, forest waste, wood waste and industrial processed waste are collected in a smooth, labour efficient manner to ensure only the best quality material is collected. All the waste collected is then sent to our boiler for further processing.


We plan the processing of biowaste to ensure maximum utilisation through data planning and using modern raking and baler machines. We have imported the New Holland speedrower to ensure high quality material & reduction of wastage.

Thereafter, the material goes through several steps to become boiler ready. These steps include chipping, briquetting & pelletizing.


We chip, briquette and pelletise biowaste to make it boiler-ready.

Our highly specialised chipping machines ensure that biowaste is prepped properly to ensure smooth operations in the overall process.