From Biowaste to Bioenergy

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the one-stop destination for the procurement, processing, and provision of biomass or agro-waste. We specialise in the aggregation of various forms of biomass as well as the end-to-end transformation of agro-waste. Moreover, through briquetting and pelletising, we are capable of making biowaste boiler-ready.

Our passion is to provide comprehensive biomass solutions has made us a trendsetter in the biomass industry. We have customised trucks to carry the maximum possible weight, updated software for timely biomass collection, and invested in modern chippers and a New Holland Bigbaler.

We are also proud to own the distinction of being the first company in India to import advanced raking machinery.

A Bioenergy-Powered India


The focus is on ensuring the procurement of high-quality material that meets the required parameters.

End-to-End Transformation

From educating farmers to developing a software to manage crop patterns, we’re transforming the energy process.

Verve Mission

Verve is a bioenergy company that focuses on revolutionizing and providing an end to end biomass solution from farm to boilers.

The Minds Powering Verve


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